Monday, June 12, 2006


I realize that it is not quite the summer solstice and I realize that our kid doesn't go to school but today still felt like the real first day of summer with the neighborhood full of kids all day and the new city pool open!

We biked to Evie's tennis class (she liked it). I met another mom named Jen who grew up in Mpls. who homeschooled her oldest child for awhile. Talk about a small world! In the afternoon the neighborhood went to the pool! It was SOOOO cool to see so many people we knew. People from the neighborhood, people from our homeschooling group, people from our La Leche League days--it was great. We went down the water slides and Evie even went off the diving board! We came home for dinner then Scott and Evie went back to the pool and I went and bought sunscreen, lotion and kleenex!

Wee need to drink more water on these busy, well lived days!

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