Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Where does the time go?

Pool. Pool. Pool. Pool. Did I mention we have been gong to the pool a lot? Today it rained so we watched Ever After with Drew Barrymore then Evie went off to play and I was at a loss--what to do? I watched two "Roseanne" re-runs and then went for a walk. I was hoping to go back for a great purple chair I saw on the curb but by the time I got back it was gone.

I have been wondering if I am too "anti-establishment" such that I may regret it when it comes to homeschooling. Should I be making up "school-eze" to describe our days or should I continue to buck the notion that school needs to exist for a fulfilling life? Do I save enough of our advetures in writing? Do pictures really do it all justice? Why haven't I been weeding the garden? What do I have that I can sell to get more travel money? When can we go see our friends in Alaska?

A dear friend is off to Pagan Spirit Gathering 2006 with her family this weekend, send happy wishes to them all!

We will finish this day with grocery shopping--it will have been a day well lived!

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