Sunday, April 09, 2006

Peepers, croissants and commerce

Friday was the usual blur of activity. Saturday Evie desperately wanted to play with neighborhood friends and it just wasn't working out. We went to a local conservation area to look for a letterbox. The clue was in bad Latin and we must have mistranslated something or else the box isn't there anymore. The spring peeper frogs were deafening and we spent a few hours playing in the water and laying on observation docks watching the world. We saw sandhill cranes and ducks and hawks and water bugs. It was a great way to spend a day as a family.

We had a big campfire in the neighborhood last night and we all stayed up way to late talking and playing. I had responsibilities this morning so I left the house early, but Scott had gotten up even earlier and made fresh, homemade croissants from dough he started last night -YUM!

All the neighborhood kids got together today and are running a lemonade and snacks stand. I scavenged some wood off the curb for some planters, I think Evie and I will start yardwork in earnest tomorrow.

Several days well lived!

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