Thursday, April 06, 2006

Read, hugs, read, hugs

Our living room currently looks a library threw up in it. There are books everywhere. Every day Evie asks me to put a few more on hold at the library. Every day we pick up some new books at the library. I posted yesterday that I felt like I wasn't playing with Evie enough. This morning I asked if she wanted to play Barbies? Dollhouse? Pretties store? No, she wanted to read. We read Boxcar Children #9: The Mountain Top Mystery, Boxcar Children #10: The Schoolhouse Mystery and started Boxcar Children #11: The Caboose Mystery. We also read Adventures in Ancient China. The whole Binkerton twins series regarding the Good Times Travel Agency are wonderful fun.

We did play a little dollhouse and we had fun at park day but mostly Evie wanted me to read to her and hug me. It was a nice day--well lived!

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