Monday, April 10, 2006

picnics, letterboxing and planters

I woke Evie up early this morning, we packed a picnic of homemade croissants, homemade hot cocoa and fresh strawberries. We hopped on our bikes for a quick 2 mile ride to a local e-way, we raced the sun up a hill to a wooden platform where we enjoyed the morning unfold. Then Scott has to get to work and we were freezing so we went home. We were home by 8:00!

Evie and I built a planter out of some old cabinet doors and then emptied one of our compost bins into it for the soil--gorgeous! It is going to be our new snacking garden for the neighborhood--green beans, chives, peas, carrots and tomatoes are the requests so far.

We tried for that Latin-clued letterbox again with no luck, I emailed the guy and we will see if we can ever find it!

Kickball in the park tonight, Barbie of Swan Lake got watched, laundry folded from off the line, still trying to get info on the Abindale guesthouse in Glasgow, yummy mangoes for dessert.

A day well lived!

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