Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Breathing room

We had a quiet day today, There are some errands I really need to get done but probably won't get to until the weekend. We spent much of the day tending to Evie newly hatched Painted Lady butterflies.

We watched a great Hayao Miyazaki movie, The Cat Returns and Evie bounced on the neighbor's trampoline. We spent the evening at the park with friends. The kids rode bikes and all but three of us played kickball. We had some out-of-the-neighborhood friends over too, perhaps not exactly the quality or quantity of time the older boy wanted, I felt badly.

I always feel so much joy each morning and want to share our life with the world. By the end of the day I am often feeling a little stretched thin with too many balls in the air. Blogging is a great way for me to focus on the things that are really good--I will preserve thoset hings and let the rest slide!

A day well lived!

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