Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What a day!

Today is my birthday! It was a great day. Evie and I went to visit some friends at their new home. They live right of of a major bike trail so we took a walk and found a shallow storm drain run off area. We played in the water for a long time. Evie and the 8 year old built a dam, they all watched how the water patterns chnged with their feet in different positions, I learned how to skip a rock (first time in my life). Evie and her 6 year-old friend walked in the water as it got rockier and slipperier as the stream reached the town hall and park. We played at the playground a bit and then took our leave.

Evie and I went to have a picnic and do a letterbox on the Ice Age Trail. We would like to eventually hike the whole thing. That may take years!

We went to my parents' house for a delicious travel themed dinner and then out to the giant greenhouse to help with putting support netting up for my dad's flowers. We got home late and noticed one of Evie's butterflies had emerged! We will wait anxiously for the rest.

We were supposed to have an active rest of the week but it started raining and I am not sure it is going to stop!

A fun, birthday well lived!

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