Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Prayer Flags, Fires and Multiplication

After a delicious dinner we set to work on our prayer flags. I researched color symbolism and chose to stick to the traditional colors and order (yellow/earth, green/water, red/fire, white/air, blue/space).

We burned all our corn cobs from feeding the squirrels and all the clementine boxes we had saved over the winter. One of the cobs must have had a great deal of moisture in the middle because is created a big jet of steam and later flame. It was very cool to watch!

Evie asked me "Mama, what is 7+7+7+7?"
"28" I replied.
"I suppose that is why 7x2 is 14 because 14 is half of 28."
"Mmhmm" I replied.
"Yes Evie?"
"Why did you tell me the answer?"
"Because you asked and I knew."
"That's a good answer."

Evie and Scott are busy at work creating new superheroes. Evie has created Book Girl and Book Boy, Scott has created The Nerd, The Baker, and Sonic who, according to Evie, lives in Omaha!

We are off to bed soon. We are so lucky.

A day well lived!

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