Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Quiet Diligence

We started the morning finishing a book we started last night A Fairy Called Hilary. Then we started Akiko on the Planet Smoo. It was way too "typical school fourth grader stereotyped boy-crazy" yuck. Okay, that is my analysis of why I didn't like it. I read the first chapter and before I even said anything Evie said "Let's not read this one." She hardly ever says that. Then we started Dinosaur Habitat. It is diverting enough and fulfilled our need to read this morning.

We worked in the basement for a long time. I was making prayer flags, Evie was making Barbie clothes. Then we both made pillows. She is getting good and using the sewing machine! After lunch we read independently for awhile. She read a Superfriends comic book, I started Free Play. It is wonderful, you must read it, in makes unschooling seem like the only logical choice for living a full life.

We experimented with blowing up balloons and measuring lung capacity, we went to our dance group, Evie ran off to find neighborhood friends.

We have plans to work on our prayer flags tonight and Evie got three of her magazines in the mail today so I am sure they will be part of the evening's activities too. I have been feeling isolated in our ideals lately and have felt very blessed by Evie lately. Scott and I both commented that she has said somethings that blow us away in terms of knowledge, wisdom and articulateness--of course we can never remember the exact words after the fact!

A day . . . to be continued!

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