Thursday, March 02, 2006

Losing Track of Time

I love being able to lose track of time. I love getting involved with something and not having to stop until we want to. We were reading this morning and Evie suddenly got the idea to make wings. As we were decorating them she decided that were Quetzelcoatl wings. Amazing!

We had plans with friends, the place we were going was closed, they came here and had a great time. Evie and her friend set up a library, the friend's little brother happily carried around balloons, cut paper, dumped out craft supplies and watched kitties.

Tonight we will plant some seeds for our garden. I can't believe that time is here already!


Schuyler said...

What a great costume!! It is always so much fun to watch anybody, but one's children in particular, put the world together using references you may not have expected them to have.


kristin Fox said...

Jen really love being miles away and still know what your family is up to. you guys are truley amazing and inspiring. Evie is so wonderful and creative I love her wings Tell her Lola and I said hi.