Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Sledding

On Wednesday night I bought two sleds at 50% off. Our sled never went straight. Evie and I went sledding at a GORGEOUS county park (Indian Lake County Park). I has left the sleds in the car overnight and they were a surprise to Evie. It was so much fun to see her face light up. We went sledding with our 4H group and had a blast. We made sled trains, there were snowboards and saucer sleds and inflatables. Our saucer sled worked great but the new inflatable was a bust--comfy though!

On the way home from sledding we stopped at a toy store looking for Barbie shoes. This store did not carry Barbie shoes separately. It was a huge store with tons of fun stuff to look at so we stayed for a few hours and played and looked at just about everything. Evie had a gift card from the store from Christmas so she used half of it to buy another Barbie sister for her ever-growing collection. It was interesting when we got home to see her try to decide which would be more fun, playing with neighborhood friends or integrating this new Barbie (later named Rosa Roja) into her Paradise Island Barbie game. In the end we played Barbies for awhile, then she played with friends but she was back after only about 30 minutes to play more Barbies.

A day well lived!

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