Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Joy-Full Day

We had friends over this morning. The large fort remained in front of the door and Evie and her friend played pirates. We parents even got to search for treasure! The girls just got into good playing rhythm at about the time they had planned to leave . . . so they didn't leave! I love that about not going to school. Plans can and do change! So, they stayed for lunch.

After lunch we did have other places and plans that we chose to keep. Evie and I went sledding with some other homeschooling friends and had a blast! We were out on the hill with no coats or hats, sliding on sleds, on our bums, on our bellies. It was even warm enough to do the monkey bars at the park. After two hours of joyfully soaking up sun we got in our car to try to get lost. Evie loves to drive around on streets we have never explored, neighborhoods we've never been to. We found a park that we had been to before but decided to stop anyway and ski for awhile. Then we got back in the car and were starving so we decided to try to find a new coffee shop or cafe. We were just about to give up when we decided to go straight at a light where we could have turned left. Lo and behold one of our favorite coffee shops was right around the corner! Sustenance at last!

I went to the fabric store with a friend last night to browse, oh the possibilities!

All in all the day was a good illustration of the benefits of homeschooling. If something is working, keep doing it. If it isn't, stop and turn a different direction. Amazing gifts can be right around the corner from despair, and joy should be soaked in without coats or hats, just like sunshine!

A day well lived!

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