Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sad news and lots of time to think

I found out that the daughter of an online acquaintance died early Friday morning from a severe infection contracted after she finished chemo for Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (only diagnosed January 20). She was 9.5 years old. I am amazed at how our little online unschooling community has spread news quickly and jumped into action for this family. Out of respect for their privacy I will not post details here. If you already know the family I am writing about and want to help please leave your email in the comments section and I will get back to you.

That sad news and Evie's busy life have given me lots of time to think. Evie was with my parents all day Friday and much of Saturday. She had friends stay over here on Saturday night so it is almost like I haven't seen her in three days! Sometimes people ask me why I don't post everyday on the weekend. I think a lot of that has to do with how much my life revolves around Evie - for better or worse! Without our daily adventures together I feel I don't have much to write about. I think that is kind of sad. I am living life too, aren't the things I do for me exciting and worthwhile? Actually, a lot of what I do when I am not with Evie is work to make it possible to spend the majority of my time focused on Evie. Sometimes I think I need a hobby I am passionate about.

The sad news from Friday really discombobulated me on Saturday when I woke up without Evie (she was at the first sleepover of the weekend). I am so lucky to have such an awesome kid. I met friends for coffee on Saturday morning and really enjoyed talking about limits and letting go. I was not raised in an authoritarian family nor did I go to an authoritarian school (hippy Montessori until I was 12). I feel lucky not to feel like I need to change everything that I learned growing up because I want a different way for my child. People who make the choice to parent from a different paradigm than what they experienced are so BRAVE! I don't know how one makes a shift when one method is already in place and one wants to start a new path. I do know what it feels like to want something so badly for your kid though--be it freedom, confidence etc. I think it is that undying love and optimism that allows people to change course.

A thoughtful, three days well lived!

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