Monday, February 13, 2006

In the zone

Lately I have really been thinking about the following definition of unschooling: "unschooling is living life as if school did not exist." School does intrude into our daily lives because Evie's neighborhood friends go to "away school" (Evie's phrase) and she often plays with them when they get home. Other than that, I am really trying to live by the above definition. Today we were "in the zone."

We woke up together (rare), ate breakfast and then did an exercise video (Toucanz Trail). This led to Evie making a REALLY hard obstacle course in our living room. I has just taken a shower and then tried to do the course--I got sweaty all over again. We played some Barbies--the Amazonian sisters were preparing for the all-women Olympics on Paradise Island. Then we went downtown to a flamenco dance performance. It was great! We tried all sorts of rhythm clapping before the performance and we were both totally wowed by the music and dancing. After lunch we put on the Gipsy Kings and did our own flamenco dancing. This led Evie to pull out her golden lasso (a yellow rope that is very long and has been daisy-chained and formed into a lasso) and we danced each holding an end. This turned into her pulling me all over the floor and me really hamming it up with backward somersaults and twists and spins and screams. We had a blast and were laughing so hard we occasionally had to stop and catch our breath. Then we watched Jimmy Neutron: When Pants Attack and laughed even more. We read a book and she went off to find friends. I caught up with my email and went for a long walk.

We had a nice dinner and Scott and Evie did stunts in the living room until the Olympics came on. I am running in and out as we watch the skating to work on this blog!

I can't wait for Valentine's Day tomorrow!

A day well lived!

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