Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Everyone woke up excited this morning because my mom called last night saying "We are coming by at 7:00 am, don't eat anything!" They brought freshly-bakd muffins, fresh fruit, bacon, exotic juices, GORGEOUS calla lillies, chocolate and books. We all exchanged valentines and it was so fun to see each person light up at the care taken by the others. Scott even got me the flowers from our wedding bouquet (calla lillies and mini irises!)

Evie and I did a deck of cards workout this morning. Each suit is assigned a different exercise (we did jumping jacks, burpees, up/downs and skaters) and then you do the number indicated on the card (face cards are worth 10). Fifty-two cards later we got a great workout! Then we took turns jumping on the trampoline while watching Kim Possible: So the Drama.

We were going to play Cranium: Hullabaloo but Evie asked about regular Cranium. It turns out you need teams to play (we have had it for years and never played) so we just took turns doing different cards out of each box. What a blast! After lunch we went to the library and then to a friend's house. We are so lucky to know so many cool people! Evie played who knows what, I knit and chatted. It was great.

Scott is making heart-shaped pizza for dinner and a decadent chocolate cake. I am off to chat with more homeschooling friends tonight. I am definitely feeling the love of Valentine's day.

A day well lived!

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