Sunday, February 12, 2006


Someone emailed me recently and asked why I didn't post much about our weekends. "What do your weekends look like?" she wanted to know. Well, our weekends are usually about getting a lot of housework and home care done so we don't have to think about it during the week!

On Friday night Evie made breakfast plans with a friend for early Saturday morning so she was up early making place cards and setting the table. She and her friend played while I exercised and Scott did his thing. Evie and I spend most of Saturday on our way to and from and in trapeze class. A new boy joined this week, someone we knew from her last class. He is very much not Evie's cup of tea. He is rude, disruptive, unable to follow simple directions and kind of mean. Normally this combo would immediately reduce Evie to tears as she is a very "rule follower" type (ironic in that we don't really have any rules in our life). At one point this boy held the bar just out of her reach and laughed at her. A few months ago she would have cried and come running to me. This time she put her hands on her hips, gave him the evil eye and managed to snatch it out of his hands. The instructor didn't see any of this (she is AWESOME) but I wanted to cheer for her!

After trapeze we came home, Evie played with more friends while I watched Globe Trekker - Cameroon--I ADORE that whole series. We went to church and then out to dinner.

Today (Sunday) I did errands, Evei played with friends, we watched Olympics, we made valentines, Evie did a cartwheel show.

A weekend well lived!

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