Thursday, March 29, 2012


Went to see Jonah Lehrer speak the other night.  Thanks to a friend we got to the lecture REALLY early and got seats.  We later heard the line went out the door and down the block--most didn't get in.

Why were we all clamoring to hear this talk?  Lehrer spoke about creativity.  Bottom line? Creativity is about connections.  Connections between people, ideas, circumstances.  True moments of insight happen out of nowhere and are accompanied by a feeling of certainty.

What is the "it" factor that allows certain people to pursue ideas or goals with such relentlessness?  Lehrer outlined research that labels that quality "grit."  Some folks have grit, some don't.

Other interesting points:

Neuroscience can SEE creativity and insight.

Maximal testing is worthless.

Personal connections are more important than "facts" when truly acquiring knowledge.

Jonah Lehrer is funny and his books are worth reading (he didn't say that, I did.)

After the lecture (attended with some of my all-time favorite people), I asked one of Evie's friends (age 13) how he liked the lecture.  His eyes shone as he said, "I LOVED it!"  When pressed as to why, he couldn't articulate it. Later, I realized it was because he lives in that state and he recognized what was being said as profoundly true.  Very cool.

So much can be said about our lives, our grit and our moments of creativity,  Instead, a picture is worth a thousand words.  This is what happens when Evie gets her hands on duct tape.

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Andria said...

Fascinating!!! And, those shoes are awesome.