Monday, March 26, 2012


This past weekend we drove Evie to Crystal Lake, IL for an Aikido seminar.  This seminar brought teachers from all over the place, including a famous man named Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei.  Evie spent twelve (12!) hours over the course of two days learning from 6 different senseis and over 100 other Aikido practitioners.

Scott and I watched occasionally.  Ikeda Sensei spoke again and again about how all Aikido really happens in your brain.  He demonstrated the subtlety of human balance and concentration.  He spoke about moving energy in your body.  He spoke about friendship and our duty of kindness to others.  He was hilariously funny and very generous.

Evie was so full of ideas that the first night at the hotel she walked in her sleep twice and talked and tossed and turned all night, despite being totally asleep.  This is a girl who sleeps like a rock.  Her brain was processing so much.  When we came home, she slept for 14 hours.

So much happens in the brain.  I can see when Evie produces a cake or a dress, her other two loves.  I can't directly see what she produces in her brain.

This is exciting stuff.

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tiff said...

wow what an extremely awesome experience! it is so fun to see our kids passions!!!