Thursday, November 10, 2011


We spent our first full day in San Francisco at the Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception. There were so many fun things to do an see. Scott's favorites were experiments/demonstrations having to do with physics. My favorites were about the way humans can misperceive things. There was a hilarious story told (Red Riding Hood) using all real words but not the words of the story. If you just listened you could make it out, if you followed along reading it it was nonsense--Ladle Rat Rotten Hut. Evie enjoyed the magnets, spinning sand and optical illusions.

That evening we went to Tony's Pizza Napoletana. Tony Gemignani is a pizza maker Scott was familiar with through online stuff--he has an oven like ours etc. I mentioned to our server what we do as our business and that this visit was a pilgrimage of sorts. We ended up with free appetizers and a long conversation with Tony! We talked about pizza and ovens and the business--he was very interested and friendly and it was very cool to be a part of the pizza professionals world.

We slept somewhere in all of this.

Saturday morning brought us to Aikido West. Some folks Evie trained with in Madison recently moved back to San Francisco so they met us there (actually, we met them randomly at a stoplight on our way there!) It was a big, very accomplished class. It was a different style of Aikido than Evie has experienced before, she enjoyed it immensely.

That afternoon we hiked the Land's End hike down to the ocean, it was gorgeous. We stopped at Humphry Slocombe--the first of three times during our one week stay--check out those flavors!

I think that's enough for one post!


Stephanie said...

I would soooooo love to visit the Exploratorium. A dream place! :)

The rest "don't look too bad", either.

Happy Exploring!

verdemama said...

Ooooh, the ocean!
I love how much Evie loves aikido. That's one (of the surprisingly few)things that Camille really misses about Madison.