Wednesday, November 09, 2011


We are still in Monterey, CA as I type this. We will head home tomorrow after an epic trip. I wanted to start recording some of our adventures while they are freshest in my mind.

First, we stayed in a treehouse. A real treehouse.

It was tiny and cute and 25' up in a California Live Oak. The couple who owned the treehouse also had chickens and a dog and kids. There was a bathroom and a tiny, almost-a-kitchenette in the basement of the main house for our use.

It was a fun and awkward place to stay. Hard to use the bathroom in the night, and you had to be careful not to crack your head turning over up in the loft. It was neat to sway with the breeze. Turns out the owner was doing some work on the roof and on the third night, during a rain storm, the treehouse started to leak and water poured in onto the beds. We ended up in a hotel for that final night--no harm done really. We all liked the treehouse, we were also ready for the comforts of a hotel.


Stephanie said...

lol. awesome. :)

Andrea said...

That is hysterical and awesome all at the same time! I am inspired to do something with our treehouse. I could send house guests out there, I really do LOVE that idea:)

tiff said...


love the simplicity!