Thursday, October 06, 2011

Whad'ja do today?

We built a playground. 200 volunteers can accomplish a lot in a day. I may have mentioned KaBOOM! a few million times already in this blog--they're the ones who made the playground build happen today. It made me happy to spend the day with interesting people creating something cool. It made me sad that litigation, fear, the inability to accurately assess risk and the pursuit of "academic achievement" have robbed our society of play.

Today WE played.


california sun said...

cool!thats amazing! 1st day on here and im already amazed!

Eluciq said...

you are an amazing family! love all you do as a family!!!! and i want you to come build a playground here in our town...we have a great one, but it is at the school...we need one in the community!!! there are a lot of these playgrounds in WA state...way to go Lynch family!

Lynch Family said...

Tiff--you can get KaBOOM to come to your neighborhood. Google them and follow the directions for a build. Miss you guys!