Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I am loving Zumba again. Between Groupon and Living Social deals I have been accumulating all sorts of great fitness deals. I am back at my favorite Zumba place for 10 classes. I love that the classes are men, women, young, old and all fun.

We watched the 2nd Zorro movie last night, silly fun.

Worked on the Hinkpunk lantern--gotta get it all done by next week.

More plans made for our San Francisco trip.

Scott clean his office, we reorganized and hopefully came up with a system to keep it under control. It was a big deal. Ten years worth of accumulation. Really.

Soft polenta with veggie sausage and romanesco for dinner.

Aikido and aikido videos for the kiddo.

Lovin' Mumford and Sons.

Accumulating movies that challenge the western educational paradigm (whole post eventually). I read the discussion notes from Schooling the World--powerful stuff.

What will happen today?

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mk said...

Can Scott come get my office under control? And my garage? Please?