Monday, September 12, 2011

What one hopes for

Some days all one can really hope for is pastry.

This is a raspberry pastry concoction Evie made for a potluck.

Some days are filled with so much more. On September 3rd Evie took her first Aikido test. Aikido isn't really like any other martial art. So many senior students showed up to help Evie. So many have helped her this far. She is the youngest to take this test in anyone's memory. She rocked it. Consequently she can now wear a hakama (the black skirty thing). All this Aikido stuff is from her own passion. It is THRILLING to watch in unfold.

Then there are the practical things one hopes for. Scott and I were running an errand yesterday. I always have my cell phone, Evie has never called it. After leaving the phone in the car while doing other things, we got back in an noticed Evie had called. Hmmm. Scott calls her back.

Scott: "You called?"
Evie: "Yeah. I had a problem but I fixed it."
Scott: "That's good, what was the problem?"
Evie: "I blew a fuse when I used the microwave and the rice cooker at the same time. I just went downstairs and flipped the breaker. It is fine now."
Scott: "Okay, see you in a minute."

Scott relays the story to me. We shake our heads in amazement at her capability and confidence.

That's what one hopes for.


ItMakesYouSmile said...

I LOVE this story. Yea, Evie. You are a light in my life. Can a gr'up look up to a kid? You rock, girl! Congratulations on your accomplishment.

verdemama said...

Wow, Evie, Congrats on the aikido test!! And the pastry looks divine.

Lynch Family said...

@Nikole: 5th kyu since you know the lingo ;)

denise said...

exactly. and congrats on the aikido test Evie!

mommypie said...

Yay! The black thingy looks great on you, Evie...

Eluciq said...

i love that you called it a black skirty thing...and independence is a good thing...what a problem solver Evie is! i love being able to run errands w/o the boys' sacrificing their is pretty sweet.

i want that looks delicious.