Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best of all possible disasters

So our truck died yesterday. We pulled up at a client's house, positioned the oven and it died. We jumped it, moved the truck, it died again. Embarrassing? Yes. A complete disaster? No way!

My parents came and rescued us. The client was totally cool about leaving EVERYTHING there. Good friends lent us a pickup to go fetch the oven today. Our towing company went REALLY far away (job was 45 minutes from home) for a really reasonable price. Tow truck delivered the truck to our mechanic--who was there on a Sunday afternoon! "Can't get to it today," he says. "But I'll be able to look at it for sure tomorrow." Wow! After working seven days a week for months we don't have another job until Friday--we can wait!

Seriously. The BEST disaster ever.

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