Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trying to keep it together (and making big plans!)--SCL

We've been pretty busy the last few weeks--working like crazy, plus I am preparing for my annual trade show and Evie for the county fair (with 22 items entered!).

We are hatching a grand scheme to work our buns off through the fall and take some time (as in months) completely off. We are hoping to travel, so we may be looking to crash on a couch near you. We have an easy weekend coming up with just one event, but it is an hour and a half from here, so we'll be back late. At least we can sleep in the next day.

We're also entering a transition phase here in the house. It's currently a big mess, because we are moving downstairs so Evie can have the upstairs all to herself. She seems to like the novelty of it, and she's been experimenting with sleeping in all kinds of different beds "to get ready for camp." I have not broken it to her yet that she has probably never tried to sleep on a bed as crappy as what she's likely to have at camp, what with the thin plastic-covered mattress and all.

This project reflects the reality of our life right now--things happen in stages, and we arrange the puzzle pieces of work, play, and the rest of it together as best we can. I think I have an easier time of it than the others because I am used to not finishing things. . .

Earlier this week I was really missing my mom a lot, which added to my general feeling of unease that started with a very poor night's sleep. As I was tearing the house apart looking for my wallet (if you find it, please call or email!) I looked under the couch cushions and stumbled upon a pair of earrings mom left here on her last visit before she died.

On the happy side, we have had a wonderful spring of baby animals--baby rabbits in the backyard, baby ducks and geese on the lake, and baby robins right outside our bedroom window.

Cute, but not nearly as cute as baby rabbits, which are, with the possible exception of baby ducks, the cutest animals ever!


Eluciq said...

if you are in are always welcome in our spare room...with a bed and all! we would love it!

i am sorry that sadness has taken over at times...scott your mom was a great woman...and i am so glad that you have wonderful memories to keep close to your heart!

how long is evie away to camp? and how exciting that she wants the upstairs...that is way cool...and what an amazing space for her!!!

Carolyn said...

Come to Portland (Oregon, that is)! Guest room and lots of couch space here...