Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Make It Count (JAL)

Yesterday was election day here in WI. In Madison we voted for mayor, county executive, some city council officials, school board etc. and statewide we voted for Supreme Court Justice. On February 15, Scott, Evie and I headed to our Capitol building to watch the hearing on Senate Bill 11. Since then we have been at the Capitol A LOT! Perhaps you've heard about the kerfuffle in our state? I mildly regret not blogging during those first intense weeks of protest and demonstration. We are living through amazing events and participating has been the most amazing experience of solidarity and determination. I have too many pictures to post and few of them capture the spectacle, but here are a few (there is a point--keep reading):

As of 1:00 pm today we are still biting our nails over the Supreme Court vote. It will come down to tens of votes. Every vote counts.

Last night I went to hear Sir Ken Robinson. He spoke about creativity as the process of having original ideas that have value. He described imagination as the "ability to bring about things that aren't there. Creativity is applied imagination." He talked about the world crisis of creativity and finding ones own talents. I enjoyed the talk immensely and one of the most profound things I took away from the talk was that we only get one go around, we have to make this life count. How shall we do that? Why is creativity the answer to the problems of the world. He told a story from his book about Bart Connor (the gymnast) and the encouragement he received from his mother to do what he loved. Creativity will positively reform society.

This morning I asked Evie what she REALLY loves right now. She said, "Aikido." We spent the next four hours with me listening and watching and asking questions. It was great. She bubbled, I bubbled and I learned a lot--even some about Aikido! What will happen when I encourage this creativity?

In everything, make it count.

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