Monday, January 03, 2011

A sign?

Not my best day today.

On a walk with Evie this morning we encountered this:

Who leaves Beowulf lying on the sidewalk? We took it home. I wondered if it was the Universe telling me to prepare for an epic struggle. Yeah, one of those days.

We made fresh mozzarella today. It actually worked (we have tried before, it didn't go well.) It was tasty and a very nice and silly family project.

Evie asked Scott to teach her how to grind off metal pins in an old pair of skates and how to drill holes on an angle. They are in the basement, I just balanced the check book.

Tonight is a long Aikido night (2 1/2 hours) so I will be home alone for a long time. I plan to indulge in a documentary binge.

Note: Scott read this entry late in the day and said, "I'll tell you what it meant when you found Beowulf on the sidewalk, it meant you got a free book!" Damn optimists! ;)


Andrea said...

I just added all of your rated 5 documentaries to my Netflix queue! So many of them are watch instantly! Enjoy your binge!

denise said...

Brice is in San Francisco tonight so I have a very rare unusual night at home alone (boys always fall asleep pretty early so they can wake up before the sun rises. cough).

Hope things look up. :)

mommypie said...

Scott is such a sweetie pie--but you already knew that. Tomorrow, I plan to watch one of your top seven docs...with knitting and coffee. Aaah!