Monday, September 13, 2010

So Small

We went to see the Imax 3D movie Hubble ( then got milkshakes (chocolate and espresso), took a friend to the fabric store, bought silver lame, I am sipping wine and cleaning. It is a HUUUUUGE weight off our shoulders to have dropped one of our regular weekly pizza gigs. I can occasionally breather mid-week, not just the weekends!

The pics in the movie made me feel so small. That is comforting because it brings home the idea that, really, everything is insignificant in the big-picture, so do what is right in the now.


Stephanie said...

so lovely, JenMary. :)

alex trumpe said...

I totally agree with you. Living in the moment is perhaps the greatest gift you can give yourself - it's a constant reminder of the more important things in life :-)

Love your blog! Please, if you think you can, come check out mine. If you like it, I'd super appreciate it with all of my heart if you became a follower!


jtikkun said...

I miss your regular blogs! I know you are busy with the new business, but we miss hearing about unschooling soooo much!

the Tikkuns