Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just Be

We have had a fair amount of bad news in the last few weeks. I am not going to go into details. We will be banding together as a family like never before. This blog is going to deal with other stuff. A celebration of what is happening, what we want recorded, right now.

Business for La Fortuna is really, really good. We dropped one of our Farmer's Markets because it was just TOO much. Catering is awesome. Yesterday was our biggest gig ever, 250 pizzas. It was for a hydroponics store. We ended up talking A LOT about marijuana, prescription drugs, laws, ethics, assisted suicide, human rights, civil rights, opinions etc.

Today was the best day we have had in months. We went to a party to celebrate with a friend who just got his commercial pilot's license. He is 19. He has never been to school. His parents are some of the coolest people on the planet. Evie got to fly in a two-seater plane with Jake. Scott and I went up in a four-seater with Jake's dad. We flew over our house and my parent's place. I had never been in such a small plane, it was completely exhilarating and I loved it.

Manicotti for dinner, NPR science Friday video pick of the week, and who knows what else.


mommypie said...

Hugs to you all! If you find a 'cheering up' pie on your doorstep this next week, you'll know from whence it came...

Jake said...

Glad we could provide you a fun afternoon. Oh, and in my estimation, you guys are far more deserving of the title "coolest people on the planet" than we are.