Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fast Forward

We are so busy these days that I was wondering whether or not I could keep up with the blog. I am sure that post quality has declined but I do it as a record for us more than anything, so here I am.

Since last I wrote, we volunteered at our co-op's annual meeting/party. There was a great deal of hula-hooping, good food and really fun conversation and connections.

We had an interview with a freelance food writer about La Fortuna.

Evie participated in a circus intensive on Saturday where she got to work on the German Wheel and the Aerial Silks.

We cooked in the new mud oven at my parents' house. My aunt and cousin were visiting and were very complimentary. We tried baking desserts too, very successful.

Today was our first day in the commercial kitchen! It was super fun and we were very efficient. I love the energy of the place.

I sewed 376 inches of velcro onto our screen roof for our market stand. That number is actual, not an exaggeration for effect.

Our first market is Tuesday. We have approximately 236 things left to do (perhaps a slight exaggeration). We are super excited and super nervous.

The county fair starts tomorrow, Evie has 14 (FOURTEEN!) projects entered so this week begins judging, going back and forth and then riding the rides, seeing tons of friends etc. We all LOVE the fair.

Oh, HP rehearsal tomorrow too. Can't forget that.

A story from this morning's shower illustrates our general state. I stepped into the shower, turned the water on but forgot to pull the little thingy that turns the shower on. I stood there for a full minute with soap in my hand wondering why I wasn't getting wet!

Yeah. Life on fast forward is funny, and it suits us just fine!

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Stephanie said...

Love this post!
And love the shower story.
And love the 14, and the interview, and that you are in the kitchen!
Happy Happies to you and Scott and Evie!