Sunday, June 06, 2010

Mud Oven

Today we built a mud oven at my parents' house. click here for part I. It was a tremendously awesome group of people, some of whom we knew, some who were new to us--all folks living without school, all incredibly hard workers, all creative, funny, generous and hilarious. One of the best things about these events is how every person, young or old gets to make an equal contribution to the work. You need heavy folks, light folks, scramblers, steady workers, people to tell jokes, people to dance and be covered head-to-toe in mud.

I am looking forward to piecing together all the footage for the DVD, we are very lucky to have such good companions on this journey of building a life!

1 comment:

jtikkun said...

I would love to be a part of your next unschooling outing or even help with building an oven with you! I check in with your site regularly to always have an idea what's goin' on!