Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mama Got a New Pair of Shoes!

Evie's LOOOONG week of pet sitting is almost over. As a result of all the eggs she has been collecting, we made lemon curd and angel cake today--yum, yum, yummy!

The rest of the day passed with each of us doin' our own thing. Evie made me a rockin' pair of shoes! She started by cutting out sole shapes with the scroll saw and went from there. They are called "Slap and Slip 'em On" and are part of her new new clothing line, "Onomatopoetic Fashion: Clothes That Sound Like You." She spends all her free time sketching and writing. I hear a hardware-inspired "utili-dress" is in the works--I am looking forward to that one!


brianna said...

Your daughter is just amazing. But you know that of course. :-) I love reading here, it's so fun to see all the amazing things she does and how you guys live together. Love it!

Wanna share that pizza dough recipe?

jtikkun said...

I want a pair of shoes! Can you make 'em vegan? I'd be willing to buy a pair, but would you be willing to teach my daughter to make them too?

Lynch Family said...

They are vegan--more precisely they are made of hardboard, cloth and duct tape. Grab some supplies and just start foollin' around!