Saturday, April 03, 2010

Just an Ordinary Saturday

The morning started out early, with me have a "creeped out" feeling. I often have thoughts about things before they happen (you may recall the tree). Anyway, crept downstairs, fed the cats and all of a sudden Flicka (the bigger chicken) starts shrieking her head off in a "COME OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!" kind of way. There was an opossum 2 feet from their front door. I shooed it away, grabbed a rake and got Scott. Eventually I saw three, the picture is of a mama, a baby was behind her. Except for the fact that they might eat my chickens, they are very cute and interesting. I am glad we have an industrial strength coop and a chicken who yells louder than a siren if something isn't right.

Then it was off to Aikido. Then to an Easter bonnet parade Evie was asked to participate in. She even got paid! Her first paid circus job!

Got home and cleaned up the yard, made a rack for all our drying wood (I have always wanted one), then started makin' pizza!

Finished the evening watching Race to Witch Mountain (2009). Can I tell you how much I love Netflix? Not that great a movie, but there are always so many choices!

Tomorrow is the last day Scott DOESN'T work until we leave for our big trip in May--yeah, should be a fun month. Blech!

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jtikkun said...

Where are you heading to in May? Will you still be blogging for all of us?? :)