Monday, February 22, 2010

A Typical Day

At the The Unschooling Conference conference last week, someone asked me what a typical day looked like in our house. I laughed. We have routines, habits, some fixed activities, but really, there is no "typical" day. But, for all those who want to know what TODAY looked like, here it is:

Scott took the car to work (unusual)

Today was our cats' birthday and the day we adopted our latest chicken. The Cats are 12, the chicken has been with us for one year. There was fish cake and singing.

We read from Un Lun Dun.

We got dressed at about 10:30 and walked to the post office to mail a package to my nephews.

Then we walked to our favorite junk store (different than our favorite second-hand store) and sorted through things with about 100 other people! We came home with an exercise tube, a craft suitcase, plastic gems, a My Little Pony for a friend of Evie's, 3 cooling racks for a friends of Evie's, 3 hair clips, to locks to pick, a stained glass kit, and disguise glasses--we spent a total of $1.64. (Really.)

We made lunch.

We had put my new video camera to charge before we left and it was ready to go after lunch. We figured out how to initialize our memory card and take movies. Evie had the idea to make a TV show about crocheting. She wrote the segments and we outlined four commercial ideas, two for each of us. We gathered costumes and did it! Tomorrow we will learn how to use the editing software! I promise to embed the video when it is done--if we can figure out how!

Evie went to Aikido with Scott, I watched a documentary (see sidebar list for latest).

We had dinner (peanut noodles and spring rolls).

Played Bananagrams.

Had dessert while watching a little Olympics.

Read more UnLunDun.

Went to sleep.

What did you do today? Did you enjoy yourself? What would you like to have done differently? Who decides what you do? Why? What will you do tomorrow?


Wendy said...

I read UnLunDun several months ago and we bought it for Christmas for family reading time.

denise said...

Fun! We have been making a LOT of movies lately. A is really into it. Of course, he loves mostly filming peoples booties while laughing so hard he cries. Much hilarity. ;)

Our days are always so full, even if we don't leave the house. Always looks like the craziest long list whenever I try to write it down, but we love it, it works, and we like being busy at home.

Eluciq said...

i love your day...

Stephanie said...

It sure sounds like a great day to me.
I love the haircut, the hat, and the $1.64.
I don't know the book, yet!
I also love the quote, of course.
Oh - and the filming.

I was thinking as I was reading, "we probably have a typical day..." just because the things we do fit into our lives, our interests, and they all seem connected (because they are, through Us).
So I challenged this theory of "regular" or "typical", and asked myself how I think today (it's 6:26am and I am just waking up - it's still dark and babies sleeping) will go...
and I have to say I have no idea. I can't tell you one thing that I know will happen today.
Not so "typical", I guess, after all.
Have a lovely day!