Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Scott Rocks!

Scott rocks for lots of reasons. He is an amazing husband, awesome dad and all around great guy. He also has a gift for humor and communication.

A few years ago (2?) we heard about this book on NPR.

He got it for his birthday, he loves it, he uses it (so do I).

This year he used the book's principles for our Christmas letter. He sent a copy to the book's author. She LOVED it! Said it was better than a hand signed note she has from Al Gore!

Read this to see what else she has to say Scott really does rock!


Stephanie said...

Sounds like Scott has a fanclub!

Lynch Family said...

Oh yeah, I am a groupie!

mk said...

I love that letter. LOVE IT. It's going in my "stuff I should save" box. (I refuse to scrapbook.)

And I'm a groupie, also.

denise said...

i love that annual report. very creative!

mommypie said...

I'll be groupie, too, especially if there is bread involved. And I'm buying that book for Karl for Valentine's. Better than chocolate, no?

Eluciq said...

Scott does ROCK! But then again..your entire family ROCKS! You guys just work so well together...YOU FIT!