Monday, February 08, 2010

3 Girls Supper Club

Remember back when your kiddo was a baby, even well into toddler-hood when you knew every time they ate, every time they went to the bathroom? Fast forward many years and all of a sudden you get an invitation to a dinner party--put on by your daughter and her friends. You have no part of the planning, no part of the cooking and, in fact, no clue about any of it! Last night we had the enormous pleasure of dining at the 3 Girls Supper Club.

We had bruschetta, cheese and crackers and oranges for appetizers. Accompanied by a lovely sparkling punch. Dinner was a choice (a choice!) between lasagna and a pasta with tomato cream sauce. A wine steward was available for the main course as well. Dessert was a choice between a delicate yellow cake with shaved chocolate or mint fudge. The girls cooked and served for 9 people.

It was all MARVELOUS! The next event will be in late March--we can't wait!


Sunflower Hill Farm said...

How cool is that???? What a treat these kids are!

Lynch Family said...

I know, right? I am so lucky!

mommypie said...

Mmmm--you are making me hungry : ). I bet they set a lovely table, too!

Stephanie said...

cute grils. :)

Eluciq said...


a wine steward...really a wine that is awesome!

what a lovely way to eat!

denise said...

fun! sounds delicious.