Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's About the Child

If I wrote about everything we did today you would have to sit down, maybe even have a drink. It has been a wild one! The Tomten showed up today. He declared it puzzle day and we were off and rolling. We did some REALLY hard logic puzzles, some we solved, some we didn't.

Evie wanted to go swimming so we did. She is teaching me the butterfly. It is really hard, she is really good.

We came home to put up our collections of creches. To me, the miniature scenes of family life, celebrating the birth of a baby are what the winter holidays are all about. There is promise in every newborn child. Hope, dreams, adventure and possibilities come with every new life, every new season, every new moon. The creche scenes remind us to follow the children--"within the child, lies the fate of the future." (Maria Montessori)

Every tiny family is my favorite, the one Scott made me out of hardware is probably my very favorite. Evie assembled a few new ones out of critters we had in the house. One had three wise women (!), one had two Marys and all had myriad people and animals streaming in to see a new baby.

The hope is in the child. Follow it.


Stephanie said...

Well... it just so happens that I am sitting down, and I have a drink here, somewhere..... ;)

For me it's the magic of childhood... the Anything Is Possible, the Dream, the wishes, the Happiness.
Everything childhood should be. :)

Sandra Dodd said...

Once in ancient times, our creche scene had a missing shepherd and one of the Ninja Turtles was there worshipping the baby Jesus. I guess the shepherd's staff seemed like a good weapon to Kirby, who had recruited him to go and fight the Foot Clan for a while.

Lynch Family said...

It cracked me up when Evie scoffed at my suggesting of using her Ken doll as Joseph, a small rose quartz buddha was deemed much more appropriate!