Wednesday, November 18, 2009


To cover all we've done in the past two days would take an epic poem. Speaking of which, we found an old Japanese animated version of the Odyssey to check out tomorrow.

Anyway, we are in full holiday crafting mode these days. Evie is using the sewing machine a lot more and my little unschooling heart thrilled to the sounds of she and a friend in the sewing room today. The friend has a sewing machine but has never used it. She asked Evie to teach her how. Evie responded, "Well, I can show you where a few things go, but like with everything, sewing is something you just have to DO!"

Books on hold, lists being made, cookies baked and frozen, talk about traditions, phone calls, whispers and out and out joy. Evie loves to conduct the Muppets every year--she is already practicing. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

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Stephanie said...

she makes me smile.