Friday, November 20, 2009

The Crowd She Runs With

It is no secret that I adore Evie's friends. She has a standing playdate every Wednesday with a friend we only half-jokingly say she's known since before she was born--her mom and I were pregnant at the same time. I get almost as excited as Evie when her friends come to play.

Another one of her friends is a fellow only child. Her parents are dynamic and creative and all around wonderful folks whom we love spending time with. We didn't meet them until Evie was 5--we are working hard to catch up on lost time.

Anyway, said friend (the only child, not Ms. Wednesday or any other friends previously mentioned in blog posts) called yesterday to ask Evie if she could come over to play. Yup! She was to be dropped off at 1:00 and Scott and I were to return at 3:00 for a surprise party for the friend's parents. Evie's friend had put on their family calendar, weeks ago, on the "November 20th" square, "3:00 Big Surprise!"

The girls must have called each other 5 times yesterday and today. Evie made bottles of smell (various extracts) to put around the house to mask the smell of baking cookies. They cleaned and decorated. We showed up 3:00 in our fanciest duds, accordion music was blasting, there was tea and cake. We had a grand time! Her parents never suspected a thing!

A surprise party for no reason, planned weeks in advance, parents who dress up and giggle--some might say Evie is really lucky, and she is. But really, this is just how she rolls! Nice life!

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