Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I would like to show you . . .

Today was a fun and frustrating day. Evie was at the horse barn all day. (No photos.)

I had a nice phone meeting (No photos.)

I worked on a LOT of holiday projects. (No photos, even though I am dying to show someone!)

A few frustrating hours trying to make something cool. I will have to re-work that plan.

Bad burn from my iron, pancakes for dinner. I think I need some TV--Dancing with the Stars anyone?


Stephanie said...

I'm sorry you got burned!
Hope it's better.

mommypie said...

You can show me the holiday projects--I won't tell your relatives : ). Hope your burn is healing okay! (I got in iron burn myself two weeks ago--messing around trying to iron on dishcloths over a tv tray instead of dragging out the proper ironing board...)