Monday, November 23, 2009

Not More Pie!

Today was the first meeting of our 4H cooking group. Scott and Evie led everyone through a quick crust demo and then we tasted pie. Well, everyone else tasted pie, Evie and I have had enough!

Salsa dancing and then reading--good night!


Stephanie said...

Mine are coming tomorrow!
Pie day! :)

mk said...

I knew it. I knew I should call Evie. I tried making my first crust (versus cheating and buying them pre-rolled at the store) a couple weeks ago and it was a disaster. Highly frustrating. Surely there's a Lynch secret you can share?

Lynch Family said...

Megan: I just emailed you the secret code. For anyone else, follow Jeffrey Steingarten's exact instructions in "The Man Who Ate Everything."