Friday, October 16, 2009

Twirly Swirl Bakery

Today was the grand opening of the Twirly Swirl Bakery. You may recall that Evie likes to bake. She and my mom have spent the last month baking and preparing for the opening of Twirly Swirl. They made skirts, stenciled shirts, planned, shopped, baked, baked, baked, tested, had a few funny disasters (one that necessitated a new mixer) and generally had the best time. Every week Evie would come home and say "That was the best Friday EVER . . . since last week!" My mom totally rocks and got just as into it as Evie did, my dad (who also rocks, just doesn't bake) was a very willing tester.

Evie sent out invitations about a week a ago and today, the bakery opened. (Tea party style, no actual purchasing necessary.) It was a rollicking success, the baked goods were excellent. The service was impeccable and everyone had a good time.

They are now taking special orders and plan to have smaller events in the future.

I loved eating the yummy things, I loved hanging out with our friends, but the best part was watching Evie and my mom together--that is what it is all about.


Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Too cool! Can I borrow your mom for a while? Hey, next time, doesn't Evie want some really crazy, loud, eatin' machine boys to come and bring their very well-behaved mom?????

Really cool grandparent time. Congrats baking business, Evie.

Lynch Family said...

I believe the next big plans involve a Christmas tea . . . we'll keep you posted!

Grace said...

Awesome! Grandmothers are the best! You are lucky to live nearby so they can spend time together.

Eluciq said...

This is fabulous...and how sweet your mom and evie look in their skirts & shirts...and all that yumminess...wish we could have been there to sample the good eats!

You are right the best part is seeing your daughters relationship with your mother! AWESOME!