Thursday, October 22, 2009


My pictures of today's events are not very good. They are not very good because it was pouring rain, I was covered in mud and was attempting to take pictures left handed with a muddy glove, a definite photographic "no-no."

Today we dug a big hole with our 4H group. A family in our group put in a door from their basement, a backhoe did some digging and we pitched in to do some more. It made me laugh to see how many of us actually showed up. I think today we covered physics, hydrology, construction, scale drawing, planning, teamwork, straw-bale building, water diversion, mechanical engineering and laughing at oneself--lots of that.


Frank said...

Laughing at yourself 101. Wish more colleges would offer that class!

denise said...

Oh - my boys were so sad to miss it. My back is trashed though. It was definitely cold & wet!

Eluciq said...

Mud. Mud. Glorious Mud.

Sandra Dodd said...

I do love mud engineering. I should gather some of my mud photos in one place. Holly slid in mud last time she went to England and someone sent me a photo I just love.

It's just two clicks down this page:

She wasn't excavating industriously, though.