Sunday, September 13, 2009

Part Deux

Some of Thoreau's thoughts regarding education, always grounded in empiricism, "I did not read books the first summer; I hoed beans." (From "Sounds" in Walden) He goes on to advise that "youths better learn to live. . . by at once trying the experiment of living." Self-reliance, conviction and an inquisitive mind--tools of a great self-education.

Today we picked tomatoes, carrots, kohlrabi, potatoes, peppers and flowers. We canned 10 quarts of pears, roasted peppers and tomatoes, split wood, built a fire in the mud-oven started a poolish, planned for friends.


Eluciq said...

missing you...want to come put food away for the winter...want to have conversations with you...want to drink coffee with you...but i will have to be satisfied with your beautiful blog entries & your updates on FB! HUGS ♥ ♥ ♥

Stephanie said...

that's a lot of tomaters.

I really gotta start reading Walden soon. sigh.

So busy Doing right now that it's hard to achieve the Being!