Friday, September 18, 2009

I love the internet (subtitled: searching for a webhost!)

I am involved in myriad groups, most volunteer, all non-profit. The most successful groups are those who manage to create community cohesiveness despite disparate locations. The internet can do all that. I love this blog, I love my Facebook account and I love websites that make it easy to interact, find information and take action. Finding web site hosting is not easy. How do the prices compare? Are the services comparable? Web Hosting Geeks is just what I was looking for.

For example, one group I am involved with is particularly concerned with leaving a small environmental footprint. Who should we use to host our new webpage? Well, Web Hosting Geeks even have a section entitled:

Green Web Hosting - Best Eco-friendly Web Hosting Providers

Each provider is reviewed by actual users, you can review and compare different providers in one, "apples to apples" glance. The site also has a variety of blogs and new feeds regarding e-commerce, security issues, and the technical side of web hosting. There are also product reviews, discussion forums and news trends. I am not an IT gal, I stammer through tech support calls because I am not really fluent in computer speak. This site is clear, comprehensive and exactly what I was looking for! I love it when I actually find what I'm looking for.

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