Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tunnels and Cabins

We spent the morning with

Why did I leave the entire graphic in? Why did I not use the more subtle method as I did about say, this book? because, you really need to get them both and read them and laugh and then read them again. (By the way we ended the day with the book too--but the book has not yet ended.)

In the middle of the day we met friends at my all time favorite park. It is a big ravine with sticks and big rocks and a fire pit and all sorts of great stuff. It was willed to the city by an eccentric older couple with the stipulation that it be left for "children to play in nature." Yesterday there was a sign on a HUGE pile of sticks that said "Please feel free to use these for forts and inventions throughout the park."

Evie and a little friend crawled through some sewer (runoff) pipes. We all built a hugs log house and made pretend food and enjoyed ourselves. The two friends are boys, ages 8 and 4. They are big into Star Wars and light sabers. Evie is not. It didn't much matter. The funniest line of the afternoon came from the 8 year old while snatching the "gun" from his little brother who was shooting Storm Troopers, "I have had enough of that, I am putting this gun in the compost! We are making soup!" We finished the afternoon with toilet tag and a bike ride home.

When we got home we met the vet, our chickens are on meds and vitamins--so much poultry drama around here.

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