Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Over and Over

Evie's pet sitting jobs were over as of today! Hurrah, she can sleep past 7:00 again! We bounced off to the Humane Society, few animals today, only took about an hour and half to clean cages, happy ferrets equal happy Jen! There was a cute mouse that Evie named "Josephine." I love that she gets to name so many, because staff knows us, because we are there every week, becaue Evie wants them all to have TLC and names.

Spent the afternoon re-claiming our new community garden plot from the turf. Used a broadfork and pitchforks, took out 4 wheelbarrow loads of weeds. Met Paul and Mary from across the street, my favorite blend of wise and kooky folks, can't wait for Saturday to meet everyone at opening day!

Watered my arugula (I really do wake up at night thinking about eating it!) Evie went off to play neighborhood tag (some of the characters they came up with for character take made me fall over laughing). We watched Surf's Up, totally gnarly dude. It was a way cool movie, total surprise! We have several more good ones lined up for later in the week.

Meetings and friends and bulb planting tomorrow--I know I am late on that last part. Truth is, I am really only good at growing tomatoes!


denise said...

Oh, so nice your garden has early planting. Ours is re-doing everything from scratch and the big construction isn't even happening until the 26th, so opening day won't be until may 9 or 10...

What are you growing?

Lynch Family said...

Denise: Well, so far I have tomatoes, romanesco, broccoli, arugula, spinach, two kinds of lettuce and peas going. We also have plans for beans, peppers, 2 kinds of melon, potatoes and soybeans. I am a haphazard gardener at best, ask again in September!

denise said...

Oh, yum. I have always been more of a stick it in the ground and see what you get kind of person but with the yard plantings, the family c.g. plot, and the Earth Scouts c.g. plot I felt I had to get more organized this year. (we'll see how long THAT lasts - ha!)