Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catch Up

We've been working at our community garden plot, a lot. I am digging out our home compost to drag over there for our garden. It is 5+ years of accumulated compost, it is gorgeous.

I turned 35 on Saturday and was feted extraordinarily.

I ran 19 miles on Friday, no problem. It was the first time I have been able to run without mittens!

We are having a potluck outside tonight--it is raining--we are having it anyway--we may be the only ones there.

Our family was in the paper again today: 77 Square: City Life: Features: Area parents pass lessons to their children with sustainable living The pictures in the paper are much better, there is an adorable one of Evie holding Lucy!

Scott is cooking, Evie is reading, life is moving onward.


Bradley family said...

Great article in the newspaper!

Lynch Family said...

Thanks! This was a weird one. It came from the reporter talking to Happy Bambino, who referred he rto Denise (from the article) who referred her to us. I do tend to talk and *ta da* there is an article. The photo session was the most fun, the photographer spent over an hour here and we all had a blast. I was nervous about he content of the article but was pleased with how it came out.

Eluciq said...

happy belated birthday Jen...35..the boys' were 4 years old when I turned that age...hee :)

Hope you had a great day!

tiff :)

Eluciq said...

fabulous seeing your names and denise and her family!

you are an amazing family and a true inspiration!

Sunflower Hill Farm said...

Hi, Jen. Congrats on the article. I can't see any other pics besides the one of Catherine and her family. suggestions?

19 miles.....I'm struggling with running for 12 min in a row....


Lynch Family said...

The cute pics are all in the paper copy. I tried looking in the photo archives but only came up with older stories LOL! You know what we all look like!