Monday, April 13, 2009

Easily Amused

Saturday started with Scott repairing the oven chimney. The mud is starting to go to, almost two years with no plaster, it is really still in pretty good shape. Depending on our summer we may start offering our mud oven workshops this year! Anyway, first the oven was fired . . .

By day's end we had this . . .

. . .all of this! Yippee!!

I have LOTS of these--mostly tomatoes.

I garden by the "no work, no money, trash-to-treasure" method. We planted arugula, spinach, rosemary, romaine and tennis ball lettuce, peas to come.

Very exciting! We borrowed my dad's broadfork to work the big garden tomorrow.

Egg hunting, riddles, sock puppet sand silliness on Sunday. Today we rest. Evie had 7 (SEVEN!) pet sitting clients last week so it took her about 4 hours total each day with all the visits, just for that.

Hurrah for today!


Eluciq said...

I wanna come hang with you guys...your weekend looks lovely! And that bread...yummers!

Stephanie said...

Look at all that beautiful bread!!

And those seedlings!

denise said...

Oh, mud oven workshops - we are there!!! We want to build one, but don't know where we could put it...need to research.

Seedlings look great.