Thursday, January 08, 2009


Today we went sledding with our 4H group--all homeschoolers, all ages--wicked fun. Evie and three friends tried a quadruple-decker on a runner toboggan. They made it to the bottom of the hill before crashing colossally. "Is everyone okay?" I called as I whizzed by on my saucer sled. "Oh yeah! Emma lost a shoe and my ear is packed with snow! We're fine!" The right side of Evie's face looks like she skidded on a cheese grater, she is not concerned.

We went swimming this afternoon, I got to try flippers, very fun.

After a quick exchange at Barnes and Noble Evie ended up with this book, a book she has had her eye on for months. We pored over it this afternoon and used the laptop to look up all sorts of things referenced in it."That's real too?" became the refrain of the afternoon. I learned more about Brazilian hardwood and Egyptian mystics than I ever thought I would!

We ended with a duel and a circus show of course--very dramatic.

Today was definitely brought to us by coffee and chocolate--for them I am grateful!


Stephanie said...

Much fun!

Fun in our house is brought to you by iced tea in the mornings, and a microbrew beer in the afternoon.(probably earlier than I'll admit to.)

denise said...

Wow - you found a place that still had snow? Over here in our part of town it all melted into sludge in the ice storm then the rest froze hard as a rock~! We are very excited about how much snow is coming tomorrow!!!! Sledding is in our future.

I'll have to ask you about the 4-H soon...we called and emailed a bazillion people looking locally last winter and got just weird replies. A is about old enough... :)

Oooh, great face paint for the circus show. Lovely!

Eluciq said...

Oh boy...our guys have the wand maker fun! They practice spells on each other all the time.

Love the photos...

I am all over the coffee and chocolate!!